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Man Cleanse PLUS

Readers have privately alerted me to the fact that, for experienced harridans and women who have really let themselves go, MAN CLEANSE is pretty much 101-level stuff. They want a greater challenge! More, more, more! And I aim to deliver, … Continue reading

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Letting yourself go

Women, this is what happens when you let yourself go! This revolting, inhuman image is me after years of not shaving or doing makeup, months of neither shampooing nor brushing my hair, and a lifetime of not plucking my eyebrows. … Continue reading

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Mer’ Xmess

Naturally, the previous post was meant for women who have at least a measure of class privilege and also still practice femininity* (whether because they have a Nigel/are het, or because heterosexuality is their absent referent/internalized mindset imposed by the … Continue reading

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Man-Cleanse [TM] !

This time of year, people in many countries tend to celebrate (whether by choice or by cultural compulsion) a series of pagan holidays that have been appropriated and significantly diluted from their source material. In honor of this consumer-driven season … Continue reading

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Lesbian Separatism?

Apparently, I’m primarily known to fellow feminists for the following things: 1. AnĀ irrepressible murderous instinct towards full-term human children 2. Terrible cooking skills 3. Tendency towards excessive metaphors that defy understanding, along with dry humor or deadpan statements that read … Continue reading

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