I try to make a habit out of staying dispassionate on the internet

But now I am fucking mad.

Look at this shit. A group of people are getting together to 



Read that again and let it sink in.



Now, I understand that feminists who discuss “sex work” are always supposed to take into consideration the 12 or so college-educated white women who have done it by choice, and we are not supposed to analyze their choices because SHAMING. And I understand that the liberal-feminist, positive-thinking argument is, “We shouldn’t even call child-sex trafficking victims ‘disempowered’ because that will make them feeeeel bad and work as a self-fulfilling prophecy!”

But even from that precariously liberal position, you’d think people would stop to consider: These are CHILDREN we are talking about. And it’s not “ageist” to point out that IF YOU ARE TRAFFICKED INTO SEX SLAVERY AS A CHILD, YOU ARE GOING TO FEEL BAD. Regardless of whether some feminists point out your disempowerment, you are going to feel disempowered from being, you know. SOLD INTO SLAVERY. And RAPED EVERY DAY and all the attending complications of that.

These people are PROTESTING





For fear of DENYING THE TRAFFICKED CHILDREN’S AGENCY. Among assorted sundry other reasons.

Let that sink in for another moment. Yes, really. And some of them have been arguing about it amongst themselves and with radical feminists on Tumblr for the past few days. They’ve been accusing radical feminists of being “pro-cop.” They’ve been claiming radical feminists are organizing the protest. They have been misreading the original poster and claiming it’s all an emotional manipulation tactic akin to KONY 2012.

This is the state of modern nonradical feminism. It’s time to cull the movement. Anyone who supports (or would protest in support of) child sex trafficking can no longer consider themselves feminists. It’s as simple as that.

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9 Responses to I try to make a habit out of staying dispassionate on the internet

  1. This mess is typical of the identity politics / waaah my precious ego school of (non) thought,
    ie someone upset them=oppression.

    Their grasp of actual harm done (to children and women under patriarchal rule), the concepts of unavailable resources, constraints on personal autonomy, the designation as sub-human servant class, the removal of the right to be left alone – these are what make up the oppression, and there are actual consequences of this that are way way beyond this bullshit about identity and “choicy choosing”.

  2. Jane says:

    These are the Platforms of the so called Socialist Parties [particularly the Freedom Party CA and SPUSA and a few others including Social Democrats or Socialist Democrats], how I know? Why I left one of the Socialist Parties years ago…over this Very issue. I had a Woman mind you, tell me and I quote, “some children like being molested”. She was a higher up in CA’s Freedom Party. This btw was back in the early 2000s. The Anarchist groups are also full of these pedo-wank supporters-porn supporters and pro-prostitution because I would say 90% of the MEN in these parties and their Bimbo ‘whore wanna be’s’ because it’s so Chic and Cute to be a Radical high boot wearing Slut, are all into raping girls and women under the guise of ‘sex work’.

    But now here’s the Real kicker….it’s not just the Socialist Parties [whom true communists, not the Western FILTH that has hijacked parties eons ago and much of that is too the liberal ‘white’ Maoist parties, run by a Cultist] but also the Feminist groups, oh yes, when I screamed from the roof tops to lets see, MS magazine, uh, NOW organization, years ago about this shit, I got shut down by EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM, EVERY SINGLE ONE……no one wanted to Go there, ya know because hey, to NOT want to be passed around and gang banged means you’re some kind of puritan conservative one of Those types of women, kind of group think bullshit mind control. So I took off on my own, and many Radical feminists [hijacked by Muslims] didn’t support [these were online groups] my raising hell Because well hey, in Islam [like fundie Abrahamic religions of all kinds including the Roman-Greek shit paganism so rampant n America today, the whole Goddess it’s hip to be whored out Bullshit], it’s acceptable to not only have more than a wife and three other lesser wives [who are all treated worse than whores and animals] but also to have those wives at the ages of 6, 7, 8, 9, you get my drift, and even better if they are cut up, sewed up and left to live in horrible pain because it’s hotter for men when the female is in literal torture agony, while being raped so you see That shit is accepted too because to Confront that, well you’re a Racist or my gosh you’re just picking on these poor poor cultures and well the Christians are just as bad, well uh, Excuse me, it’s all misogynist Shit, how does being silent to one dismiss the other???? Anyhoo,

    and then there’s the Academic model prop and Mental health [of the same Scientific male love to fuck-rape Elites] and the women who support that shit, like Shulasmith Firestone who said, in her book, the “children born by machines/borgs of course that set women free should be getting all the genitalia they want from adults, men and women pedo-wanks of course’ because Hey, don’t ya know, children Want to be molested, raped, reamed in the ass and they just so embrace it, why if they smile it’s Consent.

    Yea, it’s ABUSE OF POWER over IMMATURITY or POWERLESSNESS and that’s All it is, and that’s what bourgeoisie Filth support alright, and it’s the Basis and Foundation of all slavery-capitalism, and this is what Lenin spoke of many times, and Lenin WARNED the Eastern socialist-communist about this very real threat of the Liberal so called Socialist which he termed as the Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing. Lenin was very tough on this issue, I know because I studied communist theory [written by real communists and not these liberal pieces of shit in the West who took from and polluted it] for years and it was the reason I was so militant. Of course as we know Stalin took power after Lenin died [Trotsky was no better] and those strides to really take hold of the exploitation of women/sexuality died…with Lenin. He was accused of being puritanical, but you see Russia had a history of exploiting women sexually [both right-left wing] and I’m referring to women IN the revolutionary movements…and Lenin said, that it aided the capitalist-imperialist and hurt the cause, so to speak. Because you see They understood the Economic Structures via Slavery of all based on the sexual slavery of women, in marriage or in communes, [the communes prior to Lenin’s time, there was a few of them in Russia and they DID prostitution the women out] and did more to Build up the power of the oppressor system…They got that because they had the sons dying in the horrid wars/famines [Japanese-Russian war] and knew full well how the chains of economic Pyramids worked, the whole religious concubines and the whole bit. [both Orthodox and pagan]

    See American little dick thug boys don’t KNOW what oppression is [mostly white thugs] because to them you see, not having money to buy McDonalds for a day is oppression…they haven’t Seen streets full of their brothers bleeding and writhing from brutality, or their sisters drug out and gang raped and coming home all mentally fucked up…and neither have most of these so called White liberal pieces of shit either and I do emphasize this…they are a bunch of lustful spoiled little bratty children, middle class brats,

    Real poor are not protesting or pushing for ‘we wanna right to fuck prostitutes’ on Facebook or anywhere else for that matter because MOST OF THEM HAVE BEEN PROSTITUTES and they damn sure are not working to Glorify the system. This is why I HATE and I do mean HATE these mamby pamby ‘activists’ in this nation…they are gutless, worthless, stupid as hell and well, it’s no wonder the neo-con Nazi’s kick their asses so easily, which IS sad because guess who really pays,

    WOMEN, that’s who, WOMEN who are poor, powerless and marginalized.

    And this is the problem with feminism in this nation too, we are sold out by women who though they are oppressed as women, have NO ISSUE in selling us to the Wolves like the Judas, if it makes them a Dollar. Seriously, they are the high end friendly by appearance pro-woman but behind the doors they are sharpening the swords with their raping fraternal brothers and throwing us to the dogs, while they trample our blood and get rich…I call them the Bathory Feminists. Queen Bathory women folk—

    they bath in our blood to keep their youth and sexuality Affirmations from the MENZ VAMPIRES…and this is The reason so many women of color hate white feminists, and I don’t blame them one bit, I say this as a having lived the streets poor white woman, who is Still oppressed by the whole damn system.


    • Yisheng Qingwa says:

      HOLY CRAP, your comment blew my mind. YES YES YES. I wish I could know you… I need friends like you. BRAVA.

  3. Carey Mastre says:

    some womenfolk are totally out of touch with their own pain and their very guts- no point being dispassionate my dear. some gals are just dumb bitches.

  4. Jacob Diehl says:

    After being nauseated all day, this finally made me vomit. A person who endorses child sex trafficking not only loses their rights as a feminist, but as a human being. This is unbelievable.

  5. Jess says:

    This is. . . wow.

    I’ve stumbled across your blog while doing research for a women’s studies assignment on pornography, and this is just. . . wow.

    The “pro-porn” “pro-prostitution” has never settled well with me. I completely feel like you nailed it on the head with the “12-or so college-students. . .” comment. I am not someone who could be considered a “Radical Feminist” for a few reasons, (I don’t know what I am. . .Marxist? probably a delusional Utopian. . .sigh) but I despise the Liberal Feminist assertion that “because SOME women” have figured out a way to capitalize off of the sex industry, that we should willfully IGNORE the global network of dehumanizing sexual violence being done to millions of women, men and children. It’s such an incredibly privileged stance it makes me want to slap people. I live near the DTES of Vancouver, and I don’t see any “happy hookers” down there, no sir.

  6. Ekuboy says:

    Pls i will like to join this fucksex muvie job pls this is my number i,m from nigeria 234* 08138815966 thank u

  7. TheRealThunderchild says:

    Bravo Jess. Well said. I’m sick of these libertarian rape patsies calling their behaviour “empowering”.
    If your choices, as a woman, further a paradigm that dehumanises women, children, and men, then you’re no feminist.

  8. KgSch says:

    Disgusting. I took a look at the facebook page and ew. I realize this post is a bit dated, but it’s so wrong.

    There are some good comments here and I learned a lot about the history of socialism.

    I liked how you mentioned the “12 white women in college who do it by choice.” Yes, we must always defer to the usually race and/or class privileged women who make it work for them or SHAMMING.

    It’s bad enough when the sex pozzie ‘feminists’ promote the belief that getting fucked by as many men as possible is “empowering” to adult women, but protesting a conference against child sex-trafficking is wrong. Anyone who does this is a despicable person and definitely not a feminist. Though, I know some of the people running that page are males.

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