Mer’ Xmess

Naturally, the previous post was meant for women who have at least a measure of class privilege and also still practice femininity* (whether because they have a Nigel/are het, or because heterosexuality is their absent referent/internalized mindset imposed by the dominant paradigm).

For the rest of us, of course, the capitalist holiday season fucking sucks a lot too. In order for the middle and upper classes to have off of work and school, the lower classes have to provide service work, and many of us don’t get any time off.

Then there are those of us who “leech off the system”**, are homeless, depend on living with others who may or may not be radical at all, etc., any and all of the above.

I wish I had a plan for us to overcome our stressors, but unfortunately I don’t. The holidays have driven me deep underground, where I wait for New Years’ when I can start trying to do things differently.
(Everything freezes, literally and figuratively, after mid-December, as everyone else bustles to get ready for the holidays. The freeze typically lifts and life resumes a semblance of order after New Years’.)

So if you’d like to have an open thread to talk about stress mitigation tactics — tactics for dealing with jobs, relatives, etc. — please let the comment section be your playground.

Personally, this year my coping tactics are a copy of Gyn/Ecology and a Mason jar half full of moonshine, and I am only very selectively answering my phone.

Mer’ xmess, comrades.

* [Note: from what I know of, most of my readers are established rad feminists. But if you know any newer radical-leaning feminist women who can’t seem to shake the shackles of codified submission, or other radical women who are otherwise deeply het-entrenched, and you think that post might be of assistance, feel free to link away.]

** Note — I do not consider being unemployed, receiving welfare, etc. as “leeching off the system”. Giant man-babies do that much more than we do. But try telling that to a lot of people, including some other self-identified radicals.


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9 Responses to Mer’ Xmess

  1. Mary Sunshine says:

    Stress mitigation:

    Sleep. Eat. Enjoy the outdoors. Enjoy an awareness of celestial events. Ignore everything else.

  2. Sargasso Sea says:

    We are celebrating xmess by flushing septic tank enzymes down the toilet! It’s tradition. 🙂

    And, yes, “Ignore everything else.” are words of wisdom and like everything women do it gets easier with practice. Better, too if it’s for themselves for a change.

    • joy says:

      More people should use the words “celebrating”, “flushing”, and “tradition” together in a sentence. Adding “xmess” to it is just the shiny gilded strawberry atop the whole frosted cake.

      • Sargasso Sea says:

        Also! I am giving myself a *mohawk* just for fun! With the dog clippers! 🙂

      • joy says:

        S4, that is truly hardcore.

        I’ve heard of women using horse clippers on their own hair, but horse clippers are pretty expensive and not exactly the populist choice. Dog clippers seem both a bit more accessible and a lot more hardcore.

        (Horses are usually pretty clean. Dogs, not as much. I know those clipper blades are cleanable, but still.)

  3. nuclearnight says:

    coffee. lots of coffee!

    • joy says:

      Yes! Lots of coffee! Spiked with something if you want.

      Although let it be known that I don’t necessarily recommend combining your uppers and your downers. Sometimes when I drink spiked coffee, I wake up hours later when the alcohol wears off and have to lay partially awake until the caffeine buzz goes away too. As with many things in life, it’s all about striking the perfect balance.

  4. Bev Jo says:

    Yes, coffee. I do combine with codeine. Smooth and you can sleep well after.

    Very telling about who is really radical in terms of what they think about welfare!

    Partying with the Lesbians helps a lot. I hate xmess.

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