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Dude, fuck sex positivity

I’m staying at a collective house in Palo Alto, California. I love the whole DIY thing, but a.) people were going to Stanford’s “war on Wikileaks” talk where I suspect it is presumed that ASSange is innocent (hint, he’s not), … Continue reading

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Dude, fuck ducks.

I’d known about male ducks’ preferred mating strategy, which is rape, if not gang rape. I’d also known about female ducks’ corkscrew vaginas. However, I’d never previously seen duck rape in person until yesterday. Apparently, if four male ducks pursue … Continue reading

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Nor am I a quarterback.

Also known as, “OMFG no, I have to do a trans post.” “But I’m … not … a cheerleader” is also a sentiment I feel whenever a trans or queer person assumes I am “cisgender” or “privileged” ┬ábecause I don’t … Continue reading

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But I’m … not … a cheerleader.

This is about gender (and general) nonconformativity, lifelong love for women, assorted repercussions for those things, and finding some measure of freedom. The title refers to my confusion over being shoehorned into a box, either that of “feminine” or that … Continue reading

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Movement? What movement?

I haven’t felt like writing in some time. Part of it is because I’ve been on the road for two months now, and even prior that, I hadn’t had my own home space for six months. Homesickness is strange enough … Continue reading

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Sorry for the delay!

Faithful readers, thanks for your patience. If any of you have been wondering why your comments didn’t pass moderation, I wasn’t shunning you — I just had a blog meltdown and let everything sit in moderation queue for a while … Continue reading

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