Sorry for the delay!

Faithful readers, thanks for your patience. If any of you have been wondering why your comments didn’t pass moderation, I wasn’t shunning you — I just had a blog meltdown and let everything sit in moderation queue for a while during which I gathered my thoughts.

But they’re approved now, and I’ll respond to them, and I harbor no grudges/am not angry at anyone or anything. We just all need a good radfemblogging existential crisis every now and again, I suppose.

Also, reader who apologized to me for linking: It’s okay! I’m actually pretty fine with other women, especially radical women, linking me high and low. It’s an honor!

My policies are basically just for any clueless dudes who might stumble upon this blog, but aren’t openly horrible enough to throw me to the MRAs. I figured all it took to bring the Dudebropocalypse upon us was one dude linking to his buddies as if to say, “Oh, look at this! How interesting!”


About @trees

Thrillseeking female. Indie music shaman. Will almost certainly Like your cat pix.
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4 Responses to Sorry for the delay!

  1. ball buster says:

    I’m glad you and ND are back. I missed you both!

    • joy says:

      Thanks, bb! I even have a real post in the works, but it’s been a long time coming because a.) I’ve been distracted, and b.) it’s … difficult … subject matter.

  2. minervaK says:

    DUDEBROCALYPSE. Oh yes, I WILL be ripping that off.

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