The worst blogger

It’s me. The title’s mine. I rarely read comments and often let them languish in moderation limbo simply because I don’t check my email or don’t want to deal with the blog on a particular day. I rarely update and haven’t checked my stats or revised my blogroll in some time.

So if I take a while to approve a comment, or if I don’t respond to a comment, or you’re not on my blogroll, it’s nothing against you personally.

Unless it is, in which case I’ve probably either addressed it in private or simply let it go already. I’m not the type to hold a grudge. I mean … I’m a woman-, specifically lesbian-identified female. We don’t really do the petty grudgy shit, it’s not our thing.

If you’re still reading this blog anyway, and/or still commenting or trying to comment anyway, thank you. Truly.


About @trees

Thrillseeking female. Indie music shaman. Will almost certainly Like your cat pix.
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4 Responses to The worst blogger

  1. Bev Jo says:

    This is a great blog! Thank you for telling me about it. I love what you write about classism especially. I’ll try to link to my blog when I get back.

    • joy says:

      Hey, look there, I approved one!

      Welcome, Bev Jo, and thank you.
      Often I struggle with the fear that what I really want is an echo chamber, but that’s not true — what I want is women to call a spade a spade, and for many reasons that rarely happens. I personally don’t have the patience and grace to deal with it adequately, and thus I disengage. That’s hardly fair to anyone, though.

  2. I go for the lazy mod setting (so that I can ignore it when I want to).
    *commenters must be logged in
    *commenters must have an already approved comment
    (and, in the “hold for mod” box, stick anyone’s email that you don’t want to go straight thru)

    Lazy blogging at its best! 😛

  3. Sargasso Sea says:

    Ooooo. We like calling a spade a spade. 😛

    Patience and grace can be highly overrated anyhow. Do your thang Ms. Joy!

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