omfg Sheila Jeffreys

I’ve met some individuals in the music scene. NBD. I ran into Bob Dylan one time. Who cares, he’s a prick. I literally ran into Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes another time. What the fuck ever.

But this past week, I met Sheila Jeffreys, and she totally signed my book!

signed my book!

My priorities are still completely all right.

PS: I received this book secondhand. If anyone knows Phillipa Levine, please let me know, here or in private! For one thing, she kept an immaculate early copy of this book — even Sheila was impressed.


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5 Responses to omfg Sheila Jeffreys

  1. Sargasso Sea says:

    Two words:

    FAR OUT!! šŸ˜›

    • joy says:

      She was freaking awesome. With the exception of the tiny ultra-radical revolutionary contingent, the rest of the conference was a shitstorm of groveling het pseudofeminism (all of this explained and detailed in an upcoming post), but … then there was Sheila Jeffreys! Who sang revolutionary, manhating songs and is awesome! I just used the word “awesome” twice, she’s so awesome.

  2. Excellent!
    Tell you the story of silly forgetful me, I was at an activist meeting in London a few years back, and Joan Smith was there. The book I was currently reading (and had with me for the train journey) was her “Misogynies”. Dammit, I should have asked her to sign it! I did show it her with a smile and a nod at one point.

    Anyway, if I am going to be anywhere in the future and SJ is likely to be there, I will make sure I have one of her books with me – AND stick a post-it on the front to remind me to get it signed.

    Looking forward to the conference report. Womynonajourney also went too.

  3. myrtle says:

    Oh my god I’m just choking back tears here. I would have fainted and miss the whole thing.

    Wonderful Joy. You do have the right addy you know? You’re “far out”.

    • joy says:


      Sheila was pretty great. I think she would have secretly appreciated a bunch of lesbians literally swooning over her; it’s a nice reminder of how important she has been to so many of our lives.

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