Here’s one solution.

Woman severs her stalker’s head after a rape attempt, then proudly parades the severed head through town as an object lesson and warning to others.

(Does link to the Daily Mail, but the article is not obnoxious. I have not read the comments.
Clicking the link opens the article in a new tab.)

If more women did this, rapists might think twice. Or at least, a lot of men would wind up missing their heads.

Bring on the accusations of batshit insanity from the patriarchal peanut gallery, but I fully support this course of action.




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12 Responses to Here’s one solution.

  1. Sargasso Sea says:

    I’ve long held that severed heads of men placed aloft, say along your fenceline, is probably the best deterrent to burglary, rape and murder I can think of.

    I guess that’s why we have, The Law. 😉

    • joy says:

      Yeah well, the Law can fuck itself! It ain’t doing us any real favors. 😉

      Also S4, I kept your other comment in moderation in case you didn’t want hell and half the internet to know about it. But I will check it out.

  2. Sargasso Sea says:

    (I’ve changed my email to go with my new little bloggie 🙂 I’d be happy for you to stop by. Only a couple of people know about it right now as it’s only just a couple of days old! it’s on wordpress and it’s called radicalfeministfamily)

  3. Sargasso Sea says:

    I appreciate it if you’d just dump that second one then! See you ’round sister 😛

  4. Hadn’t heard about this one! But reading about this woman’s ability to actually make action has totally made my day!

    • joy says:

      Ain’t it great?

      I think there’s a lot of action that happens every day that we just don’t hear about. Mostly because the woman doesn’t get caught (in any sense of the word), because when she does is when it shakes up the status quo and makes news.

      All around us, every day, women are helping other women escape from domestic violence, often by any means necessary. Women are buying guns and telling their live-in rapists, I mean Nigels, that if he touches her or their children one more time she has the gun in a drawer to which only she has the key. Women are pouring boiling pots of rice mixed with lye water onto their sleeping Nigels as a warning about what she’s capable of if he decides to follow her when she leaves. These and others are just the stories I’ve heard, but I’d like to think that women are also castrating their rapists, killing their abusers and hiding the bodies, and we just don’t hear about it because they’ve managed not to get caught.

      We only hear about it when a woman gets caught (by either the police, and tried and incarcerated, or by her Nigel or some other man, and murdered). Because the media has to have their object lessons. They can’t let us have success stories, for fear we’d all get a taste of freedom and make a break for it.

  5. FAB Libber aka Dave the Squirrel says:

    The article is almost three years old btw – it was just doing the rounds on FaceButt. Over at FaceButt, there were significant number of feminist-lites (friends of friends) “horrified” at this – and maintaining decapitation was an “extreme reaction” to be attacked.

    Firstly, the dude was dumb enough to attack a woman with a sickle in her hands (also, one experienced at using the impliment – also meaning in the sense that her muscles would have developed by/for using it). She had bite marks on her too. Secondly, he had been stalking her for three months (and I will bet that the local cops did nothing) so that kind of legal inaction is bound to make a woman feel that she has to deal with it and protect herself.

    It is possible that, rather than “parading with the head like a trophy” she was in deep shock after the incident, rather than acting with malice. The feminist-lite types thought she was a psychopath. It was clear that the FB feminist-lites had not been raped – their sympathies were for the decapitated stalker-rapist rather than the woman who had endured three months of stalking and actual attack. geez.

    • joy says:

      I found it on Faceb*** too, with similar reactions (although very understated and ambiguous ones). I personally understood what the woman was doing immediately, and applauded her actions, whether they came from a place of deep trauma (“oh my fuck, what was I just provoked to do?! what just happened to me?! someone help!”) or of trauma-induced rage (“none of you fuckers took this seriously all the while I was telling you about it, did you, but LOOK HOW SERIOUS IT WAS, I had to cut the fucker’s fucking head off, somebody had better look the fuck out, you fucking FUCKS”).

      Then again, I long ago decided that I would have no trouble killing someone if it was necessary for my own protection or the protection of someone I loved. I’m fairly sure that 95% of the population has never been in the position to have to analyze themselves like that, 95% of them wouldn’t come to the same conclusion unless they had been in the same position, and that 99% of them can’t empathize at all anyway. Even other women who have been raped sometimes “turn the other cheek”, which is a profound denial reaction.

      • FAB Libber aka Dave the Squirrel says:

        I agree, her actions could have been either response (probably the first, perhaps with a touch of the second). Her motivations were unlikely to be as reported “a trophy” (that is manspeak bullshit).

        As for stalkers/rapists – unless the victim has a crystal ball – she does not know if she will be seriously injured or murdered or both. So how can any of the fem-lites say that “the victim over-reacted”? With that kind of mentality, the victim is relying on the benevolence on the part of the stalker/rapist not to hurt/kill them. Fine if it works out. Not so fine if the stalker/rapist has murder in mind (to hide the crime, or even, as the primary motivation for the crime with the rape just a “bit of fun” on the way or after the main event). So it is a stupid non-survivalist mentality – the fem-lites have been trained as prey, not to fight back. The patriarchy likes it that way.

        And yes, I have on several occasions, been close to death/attacked/raped. I know what goes through one’s mind at those times. It is not theoretical. I will kill the next bastard that tries to harm me (or anyone close to me). At the very least, the bastard will end up with serious injuries and broken bones. And I know how to do it too.

      • joy says:

        Thumbs up. When I am joking around, I like to say that the only people I can really respect are the people who’d kill a fucker if they had to — but I’m also kind of serious about that.

  6. Mary Sunshine says:

    Joy, just wanna say: I love you. Oh, my.

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