Notice to men:

We can teach apes to talk — you have no more excuses. For anything.


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8 Responses to Notice to men:

  1. joy says:

    “I can’t possibly learn how to work a washing machine.”

    “I can’t pick up my dirty socks/dishes from the floor.”

    “I can’t stop leaving skidmarks in my drawers.”

    “I can’t help it that I rape/abuse women and/or generally act like an uncivilized dick.”

  2. joy says:

    End thought: Someone is lying, and it ain’t the apes.

    Since I do believe that bonobos can be taught to communicate in English:

    Either men can learn to change their behaviors and just don’t want to, or men as a class are less intelligent than apes, and innately prone towards rape and murder. In which case they need to be rounded up and/or euthanized.

  3. Sargasso Sea says:

    Joy! A breath of fresh air!

    Our ape friends are certainly more civilized than upwards of half of the *human* population, aren’t they?

  4. Sorry folks but ape males also abuse and kill ape females and babies.
    It’s not just human males,

    And of course non humans can ‘talk’ and communicate.
    It’s just human arrogance that is destroying the planet.

    • joy says:

      Yeah, that was my point.

      I’ve hung out with animals most of my life, I’ve known they can communicate since before I saw this video. I speak pretty fluent Horse; in fact, I understand horses a lot more than I do humans, and like them a lot better too.

      Male apes do also rape and kill, obviously. But they can be taught to communicate in Human, and therefore any time male humans claim they can’t be taught something (from using a washing machine, to stopping the rape of women and children, etc), they are either lying or less intelligent than apes. Possibly both

  5. This is great !
    I like that we are having this conversation.

    I live with horses and love it !

    Thanks again !
    Get in touch with at my email address if you want to get out of the blogosphere !

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