A short delay

I’m sorry for the delay. I’m not sulking or snitting or hiding. The night I posted the previous entry, I went to help a friend (no one anyone knows), then wounded up needing a little break to help myself. I’m fine, was just overloaded, and will respond to people tomorrow or the next day.

In the meantime, for the record: I’m not angry, at anyone or anything. I didn’t take offense at anything anyone commented. I’m reasonably exasperated with “the country hub”, or else I wouldn’t have posted anything in the first place, but it’s a “shrug, headshake, whatcha gonna do and when will we learn?” exasperation — I leave rage and shitfits for men.

Also, my upset isn’t because I wasn’t included or because I was turned down from participating. (That’s something I’d hope we all outgrew in elementary school.) I wouldn’t have wished to participate at all, even if I’d known about it earlier. I’m perturbed by the fact that, as a commenter noted, we just can’t really seem to learn.

Over at IBTP, which most of us (myself included, until recently and briefly, which I will mention in a moment) have abandoned, a thread arose in I think 2008 which became known as “Toiletbowlgate” or similar. Readers were witness to a bunch of wealthy ladies trying to justify their hiring of cleaning personnel, many of whom are not white and virtually all of whom are poor. (Nobody cleans someone else’s toilet because they just love cleaning toilets so much.)

Poor, brown, and just plain savvy women chimed in to say that this practice was NOT feminist, while the elite maintained that it was (because it gave them more time to do feminist work!) and many became incredibly defensive. The “debate” ended in a stalemate, though Jill has since seemed to come down squarely on the side of “the maids” (if you’d like to, see her post on the recent hotel rapist, a post to which I was directed and read, though I skipped the comment section).

Jill. Yes. Jill. Jill can figure out that class and race do matter, and articulate it in a manner that makes sense. Whether she understands in practice or just in theory remains to be seen, but nevertheless. The last I heard, the radfem community prided itself on maintaining a level of awareness higher than that of Jill’s. And it’s simply exasperating when that doesn’t happen, and there is slack left to be picked up.


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5 Responses to A short delay

  1. joy says:

    Also, having cut my radical feminist teeth at IBTP is probably why I tend to assume that other radfems think I’m stupid — but it’s also why I can crease my brow, shrug about it, and roll on without causing myself angst. (You can’t tell unless you’re in the room with me, but I’m not angsting.)

    I admit, anyway, I posted a lot of stupid stuff over there in the infancy of my radical feminist awareness. Though in vanity, I’d like to think that most of it was still smarter than most of what was demonstrated in the recent transplosion.

    • FAB Libber aka Dave the Squirrel says:

      The feminist standard has dropped dramatically there, which became more obvious the more tranz-friendly it became.

    • Sargasso Sea says:

      I just want to say that I am glad that you’re alive and kicking out there and that I simply adore you.

      And you were ALWAYS head and shoulders above the riff raff at Jill’s 😛

  2. jilla says:

    I’ve missed you, but thought well, you’re posting somewhere else, or busy with school or work.

    Cripes everyone needs a break or change. We’ll all be here soon’s you’re ready to come back. Bell’s on!

    • joy says:

      Well, it was more like I was busy with life and burnout. But thank you!

      I mostly didn’t want anyone to worry that I’d met a bad end (or become a funfeminist — same thing).

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