Someone had the right idea. Let’s remove “man” from “woman” altogether.

This was the bathroom key to the woman’s bathroom at the Whole Foods in The Haight, San Francisco. (Yes, Whole Foods takes food stamps!)


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3 Responses to Wom_

  1. Sargasso Sea says:

    Also old stomping grounds!

    Whole Foods?! Holy crap I’m old… 😛

  2. FAB Libber says:

    It looks like they snacked on it 😛

    Could those key tags get much bigger? Too much larger and you might need a trolley or a hoist to actually use it.

  3. joy says:

    FABLibber, Yes indeedy, it was pretty out of control size-wise. I feel they’ve had a lot of problems with disappearing and/or stolen restroom keys. I liked it, though. If it hadn’t been so heavy, I would have loved to make an earring or pendant out of it. So much for their idea.

    SargassoSea, I loved San Francisco, and ended up staying there for five more days than I’d originally planned. Might move there. Well, definitely, but I don’t know when. I love hearing stories of The Good Ole Days, especially in the Haight, and if you’d ever like to share I’d definitely like to hear yours!

    As for the Whole Foods: the location in the Haight is apparently relatively new, and it’s a place I definitely wouldn’t shop if I didn’t have government assistance money to spend. But since I do, I bought a few very tasty things there that I don’t regret. Food will never taste the same for me when I’m not in San Francisco.

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