There’s a reason

… for my blog policies.

Over at Nine Deuce’s (Rage Against the Man-Chine), people are commenting who do not even know what feminism (much less radical feminism) is or what it means.

Nine is away for a short while and has apparently stopped moderating comments from previously-known commenters for the duration of her vacation, which is why this is going on. (She normally has a comment-mod policy, though she lets in ‘opposing viewpoints’ for the point of picking them apart.) Unlike at other blogs where ‘commenting without even understanding the concepts’ has become the norm, this is not her fault. But it is a good example of why I insist on moderating comments from unknown commenters and wish to keep the discourse at an at least slightly elevated* level.

People don’t have to be Andrea Dworkin, or “have their master’s degree in internet radical feminism” (as I describe myself to people who like to hear important-sounding things when they ask what I do with my life and time), to understand feminism, or to read or comment here. But if I were reading, for example, a paleontology blog written by paleontologists about paleontology, I’d like to at least read the 101s about what paleontology is.

However, there is no one solid concrete way to word much less enforce a policy about this, so, to steal from and paraphrase FABLibber, I will merely say:

Joy at Paleotrees reserves the right to delete, ban, or not approve anyone on a whim.
My blog, my rules.

* We don’t have to be erudite here. Just … at least a little informed. Been working pretty well so far.

Feel free to talk to me all you want about music, though. And speaking of music, from the title of this post, the song that helped me to survive my domestically abusive relationship.

Yes, it is a man, with a man-voice. (If you are not averse to that kind of thing, he is quite the captivating stage performer, and that harmonica is fucking fierce.) But to say the very least, in the situation I was in, I took “the love” he sings about to mean, my love for being alive. And ultimately, that is in fact the love that got me out.


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21 Responses to There’s a reason

  1. FAB Libber says:

    Nine is away for a short while and has apparently stopped moderating comments from previously-known commenters for the duration of her vacation

    Bit of a dumb move. Rather, a lot of a dumb move, for a feminist blog, but esp for radfem blogs.

    But then again, IBTW seems to have a lot of regulars on their now with little grasp of basic feminism.

    Threatening to ban peeps on a whim certainly has stopped any idiots bothering to try to get through on my blog. But I am such A Big Meanie.

    • joy says:

      I’m pretty fond of ND, and I’m sure she just did it to make her own life easier (not wanting to log in twice a day to approve comments while she’s busy trying to enjoy her life). But yeah, it’s headdesky trying to wade through all the repetitions to get to the good bits. And I’m not even reading half the comments any more, pretty much only Jane’s and one or two other known radfems’.

      I made a long analogy about dinosaurs over there, and now I wish to be done with it all.

      I love being a big fat meanie.

    • Nine Deuce says:

      I was in Indonesia. I figured it’d be better to have comments from people I trust get through and have to go back and delete later than not approve anything for three weeks.

      • joy says:

        Yeah, that was my thoughts on it — that, and I wouldn’t want to imagine what your moderation queue would look like after those three weeks.

  2. ball buster says:

    I love being a big fat meanie.

    WIN. Me, too. 🙂

  3. ball buster says:

    I just got back from the thread. I want to stab my eyes out with a spork after reading it. Holy shit.

    • joy says:

      Dude, I know, right? Even ignoring the outright triggering material/mini BDSM fanfics, it’s like pulling hair out of my head in clumps.

      I stand by my Brontosaurus analogy. It also holds for nonfeminists telling feminists what feminism is and is not. “When you say Brontosaurus isn’t a real dinosaur, you are being HATEFUL. You should LOVE Brontosaurus, the way that I do.”

      • ball buster says:

        What angers me the most is how your and Jane’s points were being completely ignored and vilified. I haven’t smoked a cigarette for almost seven years, and today I am craving one after seeing that thread.

        I want to go over there and say something, but no doubt the end result is me starting shit with no positive result. It’s an understatement to say I am absolutely infuriated that people are quite literally pissing all over Nine’s blog with their male apologetics.

      • joy says:

        I felt bad for outright saying, “Know what you’re fucking talking about before you talk” — I feel like that will probably be interpreted as “feminists are sooo meeeeaaaaannn!” and I might even get a “You give feminism a bad name [with your completely unattractive and unfemme anger].”

        But it’s advice that probably 99% of the internet needs to hear. If that’s too mean, then too bad.

  4. ball buster says:

    I’ve been told that before. “You’re big, fat, loud, hairy and MEAN. No wonder feminists have a bad name!” Well Jesus, if feminism is about conforming to femininity then what’s the fucking point? If we’re all going to sit around, stroke male egos, accept their BDSM and pr0nsickness as normal, then there’s no need to be a feminist. Just go along with the liberal status quo and be done with it. You don’t even have to call it feminism.

    Dammit, that’s what I should have said.

    • joy says:

      Exactly. Well said.

      I’m not even angry. Just fed up. I imagine myself the professor of a college course when I go into a pile-on thread like that, and I’m just schooling the children. I’m not angry, my blood pressure doesn’t even go up. I’m just tired of realizing all the pupils haven’t even done the reading: I’m putting the book down, we’re going back to high school and I’m assigning some homework. Which is, for them, in this instance: “Either figure out what you’re fucking talking about, or STFU and go away.”

      Why are those things so hard for people to do?

      Anyway, speaking of bad habits that haven’t been … indulged? I wouldn’t even call this an indulgence, because I never even liked doing this in the first place … in seven years: I still don’t pluck or depilate anything or use shampoo or cosmetics, but I painted my fingernails today, for the first time in at least seven years. It was just something to do. I didn’t try too hard. I don’t imagine men will like it, and I would rather they didn’t.

      Maybe it was just one of those days.

      • ball buster says:

        Damn, Joy, this proves that being exposed to the malestream is deleterious and backpedals our progress, hence separatism is crucial to preserve our health in all aspects.

        “Either figure out what you’re fucking talking about, or STFU and go away.”

        YES! But dontcha know, they are “entitled!” to be there, no matter how ignorant and prejudiced their opinions clearly are! Out of many pukeworthy comments, that one took the cake. It was like the cherry on top of a sundae of misogyny. Yeah, let them show up at MY blog with that attitude. The ban button wouldn’t depress fast enough.

      • joy says:

        I dunno, bb, you haven’t met me so you’re gonna have to take my word for it … but I think even with painted nails (they aren’t very well done, I was pretty sloppy) I’m pretty far from being mainstream. Or particularly femininity-compliant. 😉

        I’m pretty sure I’ve never been in any danger of being normal. I’m also sure I wilt boners, and this is a source of pride. 😉

        The “entitlement” thing made me sad too. “You’re here, ergo I have a RIGHT to be here too.” Rapist mentality right there. My calling this a rapist mentality flew over everyone’s head but ND’s, and maybe Jane’s.

  5. ball buster says:

    Haha, well that makes two of us, on both your points. 🙂 Consider them well taken – yes it must be one of those days (ascerbated by those deluded fuckwits trolling Nine’s blog).

    Oh yes I think Jane got it crystal clear. I don’t pretend to understand everything she writes, but she’s right on the money that it’s disturbing to see more women defending bdsm/pr0n sickness than it is objecting to it.

    • joy says:

      She definitely has a certain style, doesn’t she.

      I’ve heard other people talking about ritual abuse before — the girl I was madly in love with about three years ago was one of them, and through it she knew other people who had been subject to it. I ended up knowing about 10 people, of differing ages, races, and social backgrounds (and levels and ways of coping), whose stories all corroborated.
      So I believe Jane completely about the RA, secret societies, Illuminati, reptilians (the difference between Jane and this girl, N, is that N believed in literal reptilians and Jane sees them as metaphorical), etc.
      I just don’t know all the specific details. Just that it kind of fries your brain. The stories I could tell about N … holy shit. She was brilliant, in beautiful ways, and even her fried-ness was beautiful, but damn was she fried. A hot freaking mess. Like recovering from typical femininity brainwash except x 1000.

      So I believe all of Jane’s accounts, and read everything she writes as incredibly cryptically and poetically written metaphors. As I’m also fascinated with language, I see really interesting ways of communicating in her stanzas — plays on words, meaningful line breaks and capitalizations that change the entire meaning just slightly … she’s like a kind of Mary Daly, but with the background in Catholocism replaced with a background of ritual abuse.

  6. ball buster says:

    Well, one thing is for sure – this world is a hell of a lot stranger than the average person gives it credit for. I cherish broad minds, no matter how far out. So many people are dismissive of others, and think they’ve got reality all figured out. They are of the malestream variety that believes we’re at the pinnacle of civilization and can’t imagine a world any different than this one.

    I really think that’s what prevents people from understanding the value of radical feminism. That, and vilifying it because the idea that women can choose to be lesbians goes against the unspoken law that All Women Shall Love Men. The thread is instrumental in proving that, I think, by vilifying you as being “superior” when you never said anything of the sort. Again, more projections from small minded asshats. Haven’t they clogged the ENTIRE thread trying to prove *their* superiority?

    N sounds like an awesome person to know. 🙂

    • joy says:

      It really smacks me in the face, how most people are, now that I’ve been away from them for so long. I take my reality for granted — always seeking, always trying to find new things to learn and experience — and it never fails to surprise me to be reminded how far off the beaten path I am. Almost like there isn’t a path here, or if there is, I can’t see anyone else around.

      I guess I DO think I’m superior in some ways! (I am a hipster, after all … just kidding.) In the very least, I’m elitist. But anyone else can be ‘a superior person’ like this, it doesn’t take a radical feminist to know in which ways the patriarchy blows (although knowing all the ways the patriarchy blows often turns one into a radical feminist by default).

      N was … damn, I’m crazy, but she was crazy! Still one of the best people I knew though. Certainly instrumental in pushing me as far off the path as I am now.
      Ultimately she had been too abused, it became a circular pattern: she hated herself so she couldn’t truly love women, she hated women so she couldn’t ever love herself. She ended up having some bad things happen to her and she also perpetrated some bad things upon other women (including me). All I hope for her now is that she got out and is all right, in whatever way is all right for her.

      • ball buster says:

        Joy, you’re a gem. 🙂

        Even if you outright said that, you don’t occupy the same position of power a man does. They’re still “wat about teh menz”. Gawd forbid a woman have value of the self enough not to waste her emotional energy on men. That means she’s “patriarchal.” That’s the most assbackwards oxymoron evah.

        Well why the fuck aren’t they calling men out on their superiority or snubbing women? That’s right, they figure it’s easier try to browbeat a woman back into inferiority than it is to challenge men. A sex pozzie, pomo, tranz move, through and through.

        I agree, I hope N is ok. Maybe one day she’ll find you online? It’d be a good reason to keep the paleotrees name.

      • joy says:

        Thanks, BB! And for the rest you wrote: agreed, agreed, agreed.

        The “superiority” thing is just a variation on the classic “Watch your tone!!” admonition. Heaven forbid a WOMAN acts, sounds, and conducts herself like she KNOWS something! And isn’t ashamed of and trying to hide it! (Another post in the making.)

        I’m gonna hold my ground, never go back to inferiority/object mode. That’s true radicalism. That’s really the point of my having and keeping this blog. And it’s what I love about the rad blogosphere — we support each other towards that goal (most of us).

        As for N. … I am still friends with her on Facebook (which I never go on anymore, but keep in case she or anyone else ever tries to get in touch). And she’s kind of … distinct in the punk-rock/anarchist world — I meet random people who knew and know her whenever I ask around. This sounds mumbo-jumboish, but if we’re meant to ever meet up again, we will.

  7. Jane says:

    Joy, I just wanted you to know, the other day I was really having a warfare with altars, [the RA] and was in the pit, when I get to that place, I struggle a lot with suicide,

    for some reason, I was reading Ball’s blog [the pope one was Hilarious but the card on it triggered in Huge way, because you see that card, which is in the card of decks/Jack has a long historical connection to ritual occult/divination, one day I’ll write on this] but anyhow, so after writing on Deuce’s blog, which was triggering the hell out of altars that I deal with–something about bunny, but I couldn’t put my finger on it,

    anyway, I clicked on the blogs on Ball’s list and came to yours, read this…your story about N and her surviving RA, I broke and cried, for hours…I believe God lead me to see that, to Affirm so much of what I struggle with and that is the Belief in the abuse, I know that sounds crazy, but you see, so much of the RA-Occult that took place in my early childhood, I only remember in fragments, so it’s Very hard, sometimes, to actually KNOW all that happened, I have to put it in pieces and that abuse lasted all through my childhood through others that were connected, it Is a mind control, and it lasted into adulthood, and YES it IS spiritual, and YES it is on the level of X-Files type of thing which is Why it’s so hard to grasp, so hard to believe and Extremely hard to heal from, depending on the level of abuse/mind soul splitting through torture and trauma, which leads into DID [multiple personalities or what is known as altars] and depending on the level of severity, length of time, etc., some NEVER come out of it, ever.

    I was one of the Lucky ones and even that term has RA connotations to it, and YES it is heavily tied into religion, there is a Fine and I do mean Fine line between the light and dark and this is why religion is So triggering, is conducive to cultist ritual abuse especially of children, is the foundational base of yes bdsm, torture, mind control, all of it, and All of it is EXTREMELY


    on the dark side of it that is…and it goes back all the way to B.C., not just Mesopotamia but far east, west and this is one reason I began to connect the dots when I did research, child sacrifices are heavily connected to ritual sexual torture/enslavement of Women, because both are tied to the womb and that in of itself is tied into the war of the tribes/gods/via seed, meaning, what seed Dominates [men through sperm] has the Power over all, like that saying, “whoever owns the biggest weapon rules” the weapons of old were numbers, Still is actually…and women, the womb, are the hosts or carriers of the weapons and NOT only weapons, but what KIND of weapon, this is why, creating the perfect soldier, the violent will create desolate women, who will not love as their soul is murdered, the children grow up with detachment, they are then vulnerable to the mind control of the State or godking, whatever, slave master…This gets way more complex then this, I’m strictly speaking on simple terms here,

    but my point is, the violence and soul murder Done to women IS deliberate, it IS planned, methodological, relying on sadist rituals, because the Ends are slaves, mind controlled slaves, perfect Soldiers, clay species that will do the bidding with no objection, this is Why ancient societies were all into ‘clay dolls’, from the Sumerians to the Chinese with their clay soldiers,

    those aren’t just toys, well they are [and mattel, matt which is ancient, doll, Barbie, BARB which means pain such as barbed fence, etc., that is all connected as well] and yes Crazy as it sounds, it IS tied into mind control influence over yes, little girls. So is the doll G.I. Joe, other clues, doll as in dollar, it’s actually bigger than many think,

    and it’s sinister because yes it looks completely innocent. Anyhow, your post or story on N saved me that day, Literally, in ways I can’t begin to Thank You for writing it,

    I know what I write sounds absolutely bat-shit crazy, I know it does, I can tell you, that N was no doubt struggling with altars, woman hating of self, that whole bdsm cult like controls are what altars do, altars, are also spiritual [if you will allow me to share a bit from the spiritual aspect] beings or what some call demons, that control, humans, anyhow, altars also represent SACRIFICE, in ancient cults, children were sacrificed to Molech, to appease, now whether this is Real, spiritually [I believe it is, I’ve just seen way too much para normal to not believe] but if one Doesn’t believe,

    then you can take it from a political warfare strategy Psychological understanding, because they are the same…psyche, controlled and manipulated-hated by Venus, Venus also in occult is Lucifer, anyhow…beliefs vary and can shift, like Shadows, this is why there are so many thousands of Versions, which make them all sound crazy, of course, that’s their technique, anyway, this Does tie into the medical abuses of women–especially womb controls, experimentation, lobotomies, mind control/altering [alter] drugs, etc.,

    psyche means soul. So, if one wants to look at this strictly from psychological controls and the use of in Social ‘engineering’, OK, we know from numerous facts that children, orphans, have been ritually abused in mental state hospitals, to create mind control, perfect soldiers, to test what works/esp through using electromagnetics like rays, meds, etc., to Control whole societies…we know this, as fact,

    this is not new however, these rituals go back all the way to thousand year B.C., this is where you’ll see the interconnections, crossing overs, etc., Anyway,

    bunny, bunnies were sacrifices, as are chickens, in occults, particularly during Roman times, how I know this, not sure, something triggered in me big time, sure enough, I did some research, sneeky bunny allegorical for sneaky bunny which is a Children’s game, Bean of course is name for famous movie character appealing to Children.

    It’s no coincidence that kink which root, in word, INK, is a former Jesuit priest,

    I think most here know the history of the church and witch hunts, what many may not know is that witchhunts were practiced heavily in Roman times prior to the church, in fact Herod I believe [one of the earliest] declared a major wide witchhunt, it was The excuse used to one, commit femicide to control slave populations, when the risk of revolt became too severe, two it was method of sexual torture/even ‘game fun’ for the reps of gods or powers to be, blood sacrificing, etc., so basically they cast Lots, this too goes back to ancient,

    this is where cards come in, lots and the unlucky one was sacrificed, you see this is a Game to them, like how people play Sims today [yes it’s connected as well], in ancients dice were people’s knuckles, I don’t think one has to Explain how those came about, the rich and powerful, owners of slaves/sex slaves, would play games with the souls,

    who wins, lives, who loses, dies…same is true in ancient Mayan ritual abuse.

    sneaky bunny–children’s game

    there Was a reason both of them, I went back, sure enough, the first to reply with justifications was one of the men, I guarantee you one of the higher ups, then his minions, it isn’t till later, after one comes in with child sex abuse, arguing with Bean, that Bean and Sneeky come in…there IS a pattern,

    if you scroll through [if you can stomach it, yes you really have to mentally detach] you can See the pattern–this isn’t by Chance, not at all,

    and the flattering, here lately, is actually a Web, they are working to lure young readers away from reading any thing that would affirm their Questioning, this is in fact a type of mind control psyops they are doing. And it’s a very dangerous one,

    it is no coincidence they use Imagery, of women tortured and raped, they are setting a backdrop stage, on Nine’s blog, mark my words…this is how they colonize, as long as they can keep the discourse going, they will lure More of their kind to and then, eventually it will be impossible to discuss–This is how they work,

    it is cyber rape. Cyber torture, using images, why they Detail them, to create pictures in the mind, why they use the types of language they do to woo women even Strong women, into wanting to be accepted [sneeky is playing this route, you see she casts the carrot or bait, Bean reels them in]

    that’s how it works–and the Thing is, they both can be doing this, playing this part without Even knowing one another or even Being aware of What they are doing, because This is the occult side at work–this is Why they will claim they are in no way mind control subjects, because they aren’t Even aware, of how they are being used…

    they are what I would term, monarch slaves who are extensions of the direct slaves, it’s a type of mind control through manipulation, this is why BDSM targets through lies of ’empowerment via taking control over being controlled’ but the truth of the matter is, they never have control, it’s control of the ‘environment’ around them, is the catch, the lure….that is the bait, like a spider in a web,

    remember, these controllers or Handlers, have had THOUSANDS OF YEARS OF PRACTICING THEIR ‘CRAFT’ OR ART’

    they are Sorcerers.

    I kid you not

    I write this here, because it’s not safe to so so on Nine’s as some are already in their trap, it Isn’t the women posting that they are after so much,

    it’s the Readers.who don’t post.

    Many of which are young women–many of which have Children, the target is teens, I guarantee you, that is what they are up to.

    nine deuce, is also, a game–deuces, roll the dice, snake eyes,

    I say this, because women really need to See what forces work behind yes Porn, male violence on a SYSTEMATIC LEVEL, that is ORGANIZED, CRIME, ORGANIZED, SORCERY WITH CORPORATISM, follow the Money Trail,

    the house that Jack built, that card, yes this gets into some weird stuff, this is Why there has always been forced sex slave temples [to goddess or to image worship, stars, Chaldean, worship of stars, Hollywood, etc], near sports, gladiators, GAMBLING HOUSES, etc,

    keep the slaves Pacified, of course, women as The objects of pleasure/loot for the winners of the games,

    and there is a hierarchy to it. In the end, it requires more blood, younger blood


    I knew I was triggered, something to do with bunny, I live in an area that is heavily Mormon, Nephalim, if you know anything about that look into, this goes a lot into the alien cults, Genetic engineering of women/experimentation of wombs, forced marriages, etc, [talking fundie Mormons here] and all around, they keep bunnies…

    see this is where I still am finding controls that I really don’t understand, remember my father’s family works for gov, I also live in heavy military state, so, that aside,

    I KNOW it’s connected, crazy as it all sounds, I also know it’s connected to trafficking [under ground routes used via drug cartels/trafficking women] which is what Bunnies do, they build tunnels,

    bunnies are representative of sacrifices, child sacrifices. Women too, but you get my point

    to close, the reason I mentioned ink, in kink, is have you seen movie Inkheart? It has a lot of occult references in it as well–Inkheart was about children’s book, about Capricorn [the goat, Baphomet, look research on that cult/yes Illuminati, Masons, etc]

    and in the story the character could re-write his destiny, there was to be a bride child sacrifice at end of story, to Capricorn,


    ink meaning words, words of enchantments, sorcery….used to lure, mind control, etc,

    this crap is all around, my message is not to spread Fear but knowledge, these forces are in the world, but it’s the lack of knowledge of them, that leads many into snares that are very dangerous…and these controls or forces are gaining more power, and Women, are the target because these forces hate, literally Hate, the female

    it’s NOT just men….it’s an entire cult, a cult that is heavily working in many fundamentalist Christian churches [see spiritual abuse, the child rape is right now EPIDEMIC, and this is more and more in mainstream, and in the Dominion movements where women are told to submit even to rape, orgies, whatever the men so desire, via porn culture], and that is growing in leaps and bounds,

    this isn’t even mentioning the Murders of Children, in the west in these cults and especially in places like Africa where missions have combined with cults and work in trafficking, butchering and torturing small children accusing them of being witches [Nigeria, Benin, etc], and temples where they rape girl children and force them to drink blood, etc., to gods or demons [or fallen angels or what have you], in three countries, this is huge, human right workers have been having hard time rescuing these girls and sometimes boys,

    also thugs in India, same types of cults/sex slavery-shrines

    shrines, shriners, secret societies

    either non-Catholic OR Catholic, Jesuit, etc., this shit goes back to Rome-Greece, the Bacchus cults

    they All thrive and use BDSM, Nazis used [orient cults/far east, Nordic cults, tied into what they believe were aliens, fallen ones, etc, Hitler was obsessed with this knowledge, as was Stalin though in different forms],

    the alien cults today, working on cloning that Hate women–genetic engineering, MEN who are in war to be ‘gods’

    Porn is their TOOL, it’s an occult tool, not just some innocent fantasy play–it’s FAR more than that, the first porn, was images, back in BC on clay and those images were used to glorify the enslaving of women and forcing them as sex slaves in temples, with windows,

    those same windows, we see in Holland–and in certain times they were sacrificed OR the children born to them from all the rapes..that is After they were tortured, brains cut out [study of lobotomy/control], hearts, switching body parts, etc.,

    ancient Mesopotamia, Mayan, etc,

    my point is, this Still goes on, it didn’t die in the past. It still goes on, and the More they can Normalize it and put on the appearance that it’s just mere play of consenting adults [a Huge lie], their ‘bait’, the parrot women are the Ishtars on those clay tablets, to lure naive women/girls in to the web, or who are taken by force, this is why they Scream for legalizing brothels and prostitution–

    first it’s paid rape then snuff films, it deteriorates into more ritual violence–and the Big Powers are yes heavily involved,

    another clue, the Confessional [remember Ball’s pope article], where they got Secrets and those who know Secrets can control whole populations–Mafia

    same with temple shrines, the Handlers, use the Secrets, told to the sex slaves, they who Own the Secrets can do away with threats…

    they are the Same thing,

    the house that Jack built. Jack, Jesuit, roll the dice, snake eyes, who lives, who dies,


    then children.

    occult, means Secret,hidden

    It’s not enough to just oppose misogyny or patriarchy or porn even…women Must learn, about how the occults work in these misogynist systems, because this is the One war,

    where lack of knowledge, Kills women.

    They’ve set the bait–on Nine’s blog….many are fallin into it, already,

    this is something one doesn’t play with, flirt with, not take serious, because it’s far more than just two weirdos playing kink and bragging about it–BDSM, is more than just a type of porn,

    it is an Occult practice, craft, Sorcery, that Yes will poison, not just those models, not just those men who watch, but entire societies,

    and the target, is the young children.

    Question women need to ask, is Why? And Why isn’t government, doing something about it? Why is the industrial complex international, tied into arms and militarized zones, and why is it the slogan to lure votes or support at the same time the deaths of prostitutes increases, more women/girls are tortured-raped and dumped in fields [Juarez, with occult symbols burned in their skin], that’s just for starters.

    the deaths of prostitutes in Vegas has soared, number wise,

    and now, the bdsm cults are increasing not just on web, but are working to silence and colonize Women’s Human Rights movements, the last real Threat, to the ones who are working,

    for a mass, Witch Hunt, meaning, GENOCIDE, AGAINST WOMEN IN THE WEST…

    any who Can’t see this, are either blind or in some serious denial. Hollywood is putting out more movies, with this type of manipulation, witches {The Witch], Little Red Riding Hood, etc., the ‘sacrifice’, etc., even beer came out with a image of burned witch,

    this Seriously is where the lines must be drawn, we cannot afford the luxury of ‘flirting’ with those who pander to the sacrificial ones, the thing about the Monarchs is that their minds are already Under the control of the handlers, so like when these women debate with the likes of Sneeky and others like her [or Bean], etc,

    what they Don’t realize is that their minds are being played like a fiddle, it’s not something one walks away from unscathed…..IF you [generally speaking here] are going to Confront/Fight against Porn or Prostitution or Both, it is Imperative that you know how this side works,

    because it gets into things that go Way beyond the physical aspects, hard as this is for many To believe,

    and Once they have their minions in, they Don’t let up. This is why Sneaky told Hecate about blogging, I guarantee you, they are watching…waiting, to hit,

    they are Far worse, than the MRA’s, you cannot give them Even a crack on the door. Once you do, that’s it…this is where Women are going to have to be VERY STRONG in her center and in her values, with NO COMPROMISE,

    playing nice nice with these types, is Dangerous on levels that are just unreal..

    Please, just know this. Pass this forward to those you trust,



    • joy says:

      Jane, thank you for this. I’m going to email you as well. I’m glad you made it. I’m glad I could have helped.

      You’ve reminded me so much of N that it’s made me want to cry a few times too. People thought she was crazy, and maybe she was — in the way that people go crazy once they break. The way that I’m crazy sometimes too.

      But I believed her, and I believe you as well. I really do.

      Fuck those other idiots, really. They don’t deserve our time or energy.

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