Reduction of harm is not the same as hatred, shunning, or sense of superiority.

Reduction of harm is not the same as victimization, especially on a wide scale.

Are people who don’t like dogs, and thus do not own or spend time with dogs, “dog separatists” and ergo “dog haters”?

Are Jews who avoid Neo-Nazis “reveling in a sense of superiority”, and should they cease their needless discrimination based on “hatred” of white supremacists?

“Why can’t we all hold hands and get along?!” will only work as a strategy when half those hands aren’t potentially holding daggers.


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13 Responses to Separatism

    • joy says:

      Thank you!

      I ran into the repetition of “Separatist Myths 101, Round Eleventy” today, from a woman who doesn’t even call herself a feminist (and yet still deemed to tell me what was and wasn’t feminist).

      So I wrote this in response, the simplest way I could.

  1. Selah says:


    Why is it that female/lesbian separatists are always the ones who get vilified? People accept the need for just about ALL other groups to gather alone, but when it comes to women asking for one fucking place now and then to gather alone, you’d think we’d proposed global androcyde. We’re even vilified by other feminists (because we don’t automatically accept that teh tranz are femalez)!

    • joy says:

      Or because we’re not kissing up to a Nigel.

      I think that’s what frightens them — we are not bound to, or open to being bound to, Nigels. And that makes them question themselves, and their own chains.

      (Also, thanks for the compliment, and welcome!)

    • FAB Libber says:

      you’d think we’d proposed global androcyde.
      …and now you are just giving me ideas *wink*

      My gawd, if we turned around and acted on the ‘hate’ that we are supposed to be guilty of, there wouldn’t be a dude left standing.

      • joy says:

        You’d think.

        I avoid men to AVOID hate. I only hate them when I have to be around them and their hatred towards me — the rape jokes, the insensitivity, the “funny” comments that aren’t so funny, and more.

      • FAB Libber says:

        Dudes are the masters of projection.
        If there is any hating to be done, it comes from their side towards us. They PROVE it daily by the rape and DV stats.

        We are apparently meant to be grateful for their attention/hate, and if we are not, we are “haters”.

        Any frickin wonder at least some of us have the good sense to stay away from them.

  2. ball buster says:

    What Fab said. ^^ Doodz live in a constant tetch field of woman hate, and when any woman criticizes him or doesn’t applaud him for being inoffensive, he projects his own hate onto her. “You hate men” he sez. He’s also saying “You’re supposed to LOVE men” because men are held in such high esteem in this global patriarchy.

    I think that’s why lesbian separatism is so villified. The mandate to love men is considered more important than pretty much anything else.

  3. Mary Sunshine says:

    I’m a lesbian / female separatist and I want to exterminate all males.

    So what?

    Males are exterminating females all over the world.

  4. FAB Libber says:

    Joy, you moved yer bloggy, then you kinda stopped!

    • joy says:

      Yeah, I’m on the road for a little bit! I’ve also been having some … reservations again. Not about radical feminism, but about what my place in it is. I’ve got some free time right now, so I’ll just go ahead and write a post about it!

  5. DOM BOIIIIIII says:

    I think i’m falling in love with your blog. Your views are just so..DETAILED MAN! God bless you and your family, I think women suck perswonally! But despite being a man, I think I owe you my dick!

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