It’s safe to say that I was not feeling well for a while. I have improved now and am working on a fresh new blog post.

But in the meantime, I’ve voluntarily allowed my life to be eaten by the Couch By Couchwest movement, which is not in and of itself feminist but can easily be made so.

It began as an alternative to the expensive, oft-overhyped South By Southwest (SXSW) fetival/conference currently happening in Austin, TX, but is in fact a way of life. (It’s my way of life, anyway; as I am not in the position to both travel and pay rent, I couchsurf almost constantly, most often at the homes of trusted friends and acquaintances. And I work from “home” too.)

The basic CXCW experience involves lounging on an article of furniture or the floor, drinking alcohol (in a classy way, if you’d like), listening to and/or playing music, indulging in intellectual pursuits such as reading/writing/surfing the internet, and/or watching things on television (including but not limited to cartoons, documentaries, films on Netflix, stupid cop shows, ghost shows, things you wouldn’t normally watch, and Roseanne.*)

I personally do these things while hairy-legged and un-made-up (although I am always hairy-legged and un-made-up), in my pajamas or damn close. (Though, again, my daily wardrobe choices are typically pretty close to pajamas, comfort- and utility-wise.)

For me, it’s anticapitalist (while I have spent money on refreshments, I am not paying bar prices nor exposing myself to the oft-predatory bar or party atmosphere [no chances of getting roofied, ogled, groped, or otherwise frightened at CXCW!]), anti-patriarchy (for the aforementioned reasons, and also because I have total control over what I put into my environment as far as music, entertainment, and people [no rape jokes and offensive or frightening individuals at my CXCW either!]), and community-building (other people enjoy partaking in CXCW too).

While I can CXCW full-time, due to a freelance career/extremely low (monetarywise) standard of living, others can CXCW according to their own schedules. If more women did this all the time, it might even be something close to revolutionary.

* I may blog about the reasons that Roseanne is apparently the only show on television that doesn’t incite me to near-homicidal rage, or at least yelling at the TV. It helps that Roseanne Barr was a close friend of Mary Daly, and eulogized at her funeral.


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7 Responses to Couchin’

  1. FAB Libber says:

    I manage to waste hours at a time in front of the computer most days. It beats doing housework and stuff. I do keep getting interupted by hungry felines that bounce over me, the keyboard, the mouse, until I get up and feed them. They get a gazillion small meals per day, so this happens often.

    • joy says:

      Felines are awesome.

      I’ve discovered by having an entirely self-made schedule for the past several years that I basically wouldn’t do anything else unless I needed to, anyway. I do go out (go for long walks, seek out new things to look at and places to go, etc), but not all day.

      Having free time constantly at one’s disposal (as I feel is the natural state for animals, which, humans are animals) eliminates the burning need to do a lot of things at once (cramming in everything that you needed or wanted to do but couldn’t because you were at work).

      I advocate job defection for everyone.

  2. Couch by couch west sounds awesome. Working in a pub is SHIT.

    Couch surfing?

    • joy says:

      Hell yes.

      It’s like living in unofficial hostels: staying on someone’s sofa in exchange for basic household chores/”mind-expanding conversation” or whatever.

      Everyone has to vouch for everyone else, and I never choose to stay with dudes if I can help it. I’ve had close to one hundred percent success rate in all my travels, and as corny as this sounds, I actually feel like I’m growing as a person because of it.

  3. minervaK says:

    Roseanne Barr is the shit. Always was, always will be.

  4. maria says:

    I don’t know if I’ve commented here before, but I’m a reader, fellow radfem and will be taking an extended vacation all around the midwest/west starting in June. If you’ll still be travelling then, shoot me an email and maybe we could pool resources (I’ll be driving solo) or meet up if we’re in the same area. I’m pumping it up to be a radical journey of the self and a re-focus of sorts, so I’d be grateful for advice or some real life radfem company. My plans are fairly loose, so if you’re interested it can definitely be managed.

    • joy says:

      Hi, maria, I’ll certainly drop you a line!

      At the end of June, I’m going to the Stop Porn Conference in Boston. We’ll see what we can sort out.

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