Some blog policies

Please ask first.

Linking: Please ask first.

This goes for emailing my posts to other people. I’m fine with other radical women inviting more radical women to my blog, but please. If you are not a radical feminist (preferably one that I know) do not email links to my posts to other people without asking first.

Trackbacks, links, Twitters, and quoting from other radical feminists is fine. Everyone else should ask first.

Searching: Please ask first.

Whenever I find that someone has found my blog via search engine, I feel weirded out. Especially when it’s a search for my email address or name. If you already know my email address or name, and I haven’t told you about this blog, why are you searching for it? Don’t you think you could ask me about it? (“Hey, Joy, do you have a blog?”)

Don’t you think I would have told you about it if I wanted you to visit it?

My opinions: I’m a pretty open person. I don’t have a shitload of shame. My personal life and my public life are pretty much the same thing. So if someone wants to know what I think about something, they can freakin’ ask me. I’ll probably tell them. If I don’t, it’s because I find the subject matter uninteresting (“What do you think about religion?”), too unnecessarily complicated (“Is it feminist to vote for Sarah Palin?”), or something that won’t be understood without forging a lot of common ground first.

Basically, please ask first. It’s way too easy for things to be misinterpreted on the internet, especially if you’re not my target audience. So always ask first. Ask, ask, ask! And don’t be pissed off or take it personally if I say “no.”


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4 Responses to Some blog policies

  1. joy says:

    Knowing me on the internet outside of a radical feminist context does not equal consent.

    If this seems too hardassed, other women, please let me know.

  2. FAB Libber says:

    The people you want to do this, will ignore it.
    The people you are ok with doing this, will take notice, and might be worried about doing it.

    • joy says:

      I know. :/ But at least I can say I tried.

      I guess I’m looking at this like a rape case — this is proof that I said “no” and did not “give” “consent.”

      Also, I’m putting all the raddest stuff behind passwords from now on. Just in case.

  3. Purplerage says:

    Omg! I have to apologize to you. I’ve just came to your site via ball buster’s and I automatically femailed your post on Job Defection to a radical feminist lesbian separatist friend of mine in Sweden – I am truly sorry for not asking you first, I just did it without thinking! What a shameful way to delurk! I shan’t do it again without asking you first.

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