Why must a man change?

Email me or comment here if you want the password for the private post.

Among other reasons, I’m keeping it private because I didn’t have the time or energy to link concepts to specific other blog posts yet, and I could also use some feedback if anyone has any.

Meanwhile, I appropriate a song from Jessica Dobson (also known as Deep Sea Diver):

Why must a man change, indeed? When it is all so easy for them to remain the same.

Feminist revolution, you say? Yeah.


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Thrillseeking female. Indie music shaman. Will almost certainly Like your cat pix.
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5 Responses to Why must a man change?

  1. Sargasso Sea says:

    Woman voices! Thank you, Joy! Lovely.

  2. Sargasso Sea says:

    I’d like the password please 🙂 (didn’t see your email anywhere…)

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