Tired of this oppression?

Wherein Dawn Landes imagines life after the feminist revolution.

Don’t you want to know what it’s like [to live without patriarchy]?! (I do.)

Actually, that’s probably not what she specifically meant with this song either, but it works nonetheless. And also I like her. It seems other people like her too, so here she is, from several years ago.

And, hey, people passing through! Feel free to leave a comment, or several, if you want.


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4 Responses to Tired of this oppression?

  1. joy says:

    “Kids In a Play”:

    “Will you fit my clothes? We should switch roles.” = “Dudes. Do NOT try to say you know all about being oppressed until you’ve tried being a woman. And not just ‘dressed up as one for a while’ either. Go on, try to tell me what a sad, sad panda you are.”

    I love how I’ve basically made her the patron saint of my blog in only two posts.

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  4. poisonpath says:

    A shoutout from someone just passing though! Though I mostly indulge in the terribly misogynistic music culture of heavy metal, I can dig Dawn Landes just fine! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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