Happy International Women’s Day!

In honor of the occasion, here is a still-relevant piece from one of my heroes:

The Feminization of Society, by Yoko Ono (1972)

Yoko Ono once spoke to me, directly to me, in response to a letter and poem I wrote to her thanking her for her courage to live a creative and interesting life. I’m not ashamed to say her reply has been one of the crowning moments of my existence.*

She replied (among other things): “Hooray for our bold and persistent spirits, Joy! We are, as we cannot be otherwise.”

Thank you, Yoko, for all you’ve done.

* It’s safe to say I flipped my shit. And I don’t flip my shit over most people, much less famous people. In fact, I’m even less likely to flip my shit over a famous person. Yoko is just the exception. She is an exceptional human being.


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15 Responses to Happy International Women’s Day!

  1. FAB Libber says:

    Yes, the woman has been vilified throughout her life.

    Maybe we should point out to Planet XY that if Lennon liked her, who are you to criticise his judgement? (seeings they worship him so much)

  2. ball buster says:

    Maybe we should point out to Planet XY that if Lennon liked her, who are you to criticise his judgement? (seeings they worship him so much)

    What Fab said. ^^

    Thanks for sharing this Joy!

  3. joy says:

    No problem, thanks for reading!

    God, I love Yoko Ono. I love her. She didn’t really break up the Beatles (there is a series of feminist analysis on her, I will edit the post to link to it if I stop being so lazy), at least not directly, but you know what? I’m fucking GLAD she broke up the Beatles. I hate the Beatles. The only one of them who stopped being a misogynist was John, and it took him a damn long time.

    • FAB Libber says:


      • joy says:

        I don’t know, didn’t he do something terrible?

      • FAB Libber says:

        dunno, don’t think so. But I used to always have him pegged as the better of the fabfour.
        Paul is a right shit of course, but he is more stealthy.

        And who the fuck knows what goes on with Ringo? (don’t care!!)

      • joy says:

        Fair enough. I stand corrected. πŸ™‚

      • FAB Libber says:

        and he wrote “while my guitar gently weeps”
        that has to account for something! (LOL)

        and he started Handmade Films, lots of good stuff.

        I wrote to the company that had the distribution rights to The Rutles (a Beatles spoof) because it was out of circulation. This was months before it was announced that George had cancer. The reply I got back was “we have no plans to re-release it”. Virtually seconds after George died, it was re-released.

        I would liked to have thought it was just me that prompted the re-release. LOL. However, it was just a cynical cashing in on George’s death. Or it was me. Yes me!! And I was the walrus.
        (you can tell that I watch way too much comedy)

      • joy says:

        It was you!

        I remember reading the “Paul is dead!” theories, one of which is that he died of drowning and his corpse, when found, looked like a walrus. Hence, “the walrus” is really Paul!!!

        I’m pretty sure that’s not true.

      • FAB Libber says:

        No. It was me. I was the walrus.
        Let’s put that one to bed.

      • joy says:


        It is you who is the walrus. Let it be said and may the record stand.

  4. veganprimate says:

    I happen to like the Beatles. Yeah, some of their songs are crazy misogynist, but their musical talent is awesome. And frankly, if I don’t overlook a lot of misogyny on a daily basis, I’d never be able to participate at all in the culture-at-large, and I’m already so much of a hermit and a loner that I might as well become an anchoress. Anyway, I have a Beatles songbook and I play their stuff on my ukulele.

    • joy says:

      Hey, that’s fine. Believe you me, I don’t judge. I admit, I still like Menomena, for example. And The Felice Brothers. And AA Bondy. And a lot of other bands whose misogyny has not been definitively proven to me either way.

      For exactly the reasons you cited.

      And the Beatles do sound good on ukulele. There was a whole show based around that very premise at Brooklyn Bowl a few weeks ago.

      I personally love to cover Nirvana on banjolele.

      • Haha, well, I like Slayer and they are definitely not womon friendly by any stretch of the imagination πŸ˜‰

        I love Yoko Ono though, when I was younger there used to be a magazine about womyn in music and it was actually called Women who ROCK (and in hindsight, it is so awesome they called it “women” and not “girls who rock”) and it was back when she was turning 70 and she was talking about her career, her work etc and I just found it fucking awesome (I think I was about 13 at the time maybe?)

        She is AWESOME πŸ˜€

    • joy says:

      Hey, Aileen. Nice! I think I saw that mag too.

      My understanding of Yoko prior radical feminism was that she “broke up the Beatles” (a fact I was neutral to ambivalent about), and that she was the “other woman” between John and Cynthia Lennon (a fact I didn’t like).

      Prior radical feminist consciousness, a few dude partners (meaning, almost all my dude partners) cheated on me, so I sympathized with Cynthia. That, and John said something absolutely evil to his son with her, on par with “You were not wanted”, which echoed what my own father had said to me.

      Of course, at the same time I understood that none of that was Yoko’s fault (apparently John misled her about a number of things before they eventually reconciled and he became a feminist sympathizer). And anyway, some part of me knew that, if he was that big of a dick to Cynthia, it’s for her better that he left. Which helped me understand my own situation(s) a lot more.

      Here’s a link to the series that changed my entire perspective (yes, it’s from the Curvature; I originally found it via google search). I haven’t read it in two years, so I can’t vouch for its raddiness, but the overall point still stands.


      Yoko Ono is the absolute bee’s knees.

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