No direction (home?)

I can’t figure out what I want to do with this blog. I have a few ideas, but am not sure what people actually want to read.

Obviously it is going to have to do with feminism. And also with music. I won’t say those subject areas are necessarily mutually exclusive, but it does seem that audiences that are interested in one of those topics will not be interested as much in the other.

However, the internet does not need more straight-up theory blogs (which I say only because I couldn’t say anything better than other bloggers have). Nor does it need more straight-up music blogs. It really doesn’t, not even if I could review better than Brooklyn Vegan or Aquarium Drunkard or all the other little tiny blogs holding ground around the indiesphere.

But I’m pretty sure the internet does need some radical feminist analysis sprinkled with radical feminist analysis of music, with special radical-feminist-approved musical interludes/band reviews. Oh, and some serious shit-talking about some of our favorite sexists, plus a few you didn’t even know you hated yet! (Because they’re too obscure, of course.)

Plus I might write about things that happen during the course of my vagabonding, and other things that occur to me off the top of my head.

I had been planning to write about Suze Rotolo next.

Since my readership at this point is exclusively radical feminists I respect, I wanna know what you want to read about. In general, but specifically in the next post.

My wish is your command. Sometimes. Except when it’s not. Let’s say, “this time, anyway.”


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5 Responses to No direction (home?)

  1. Jilla says:

    Thoughts on any feminist issue, Ms. Paleo. Write what you know.

  2. veganprimate says:

    I think you should write about whatever the hell you want to write about.

  3. joy says:

    Good call! Heh heh, just what I need — enablement!

    I’m kidding, I know it’s encouragement.

    It is going to be very heavy on the feminism, either way. There will be a lot of art and music commentary, though, so a preemptive sorry for my readers who do not give a shite. I will try to make everything relevant in some way or another, but (of course) feel free to skip a post on anything that doesn’t interest you.

  4. minervaK says:

    I’m a mere amateur feminist (so, probably not someone you admire at this point), but what the hey, I’ll play: I’m enjoying just reading your thoughts. Kind of a day in the life of a radical feminist kind of thing. But then, I write the same kind of shit, so that might just be a personal thing. I also really love your blaugh title.

    • joy says:

      Pshaw! I admire all kinds of people (that in the upcoming post). So don’t worry.

      A day in the life is pretty much all I got, because there is only so much research one can do before it makes one’s brain go *zap zap.*
      I have to hand it to the women who can delve into the shit, like FABLibber, GallusMag, jilla, all the others I’m forgetting off the top of my head. I’m not up to snuff. The other day, I found out about the serial killer on Long Island and had to read the press coverage with a full wine glass in one hand and a tissue box nearby, just to get through it.
      The hatred men show to women, and the degree to which it is casually ignored or outright dismissed, is staggering and I often can’t bear to dig into it any further than I already have (which, between personal and observed firsthand experience in addition to reading materials, is pretty far).

      As for the blog title: My mother calls me that, as a term of pride and endearment. (Actually, she calls me “lesbonazi,” but I didn’t think that was appropriate as a blog title.) Isn’t that cool? My mom, she knows what’s up sometimes.

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