Dance break!

Menomena, long one of my best-favorite bands, makes all the children dance!

I first saw these guys play in the basement of a Moose lodge in Pittsburgh in 2007, when I had pneumonia. Each of the three (then four, now three?) band members is a multi-multi-instrumentalist, and they played so energetically that even Brent Knopf, the keyboardist/laptoppist/bassist/guitarist-in-this-song (since departed in pursuit of a solo project), was drenched in sweat almost immediately.

We hung around a bit after, getting drinks (there were only maybe 15 people in attendance, all longtime fans) and the band members were also very solid and pleasant characters.

[Looking back, I had no idea how lucky I was — Land of Talk, who have gone on to become indie darlings on the Saddle Creek label, opened. I didn’t like them as well as I did Menomena. And I still don’t.]

I think the ‘parade’ in this video (also from La Blogotheque) accurately captures the spirit of this band.


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3 Responses to Dance break!

  1. veganprimate says:

    Pittsburgh! I used to live in Pittsburgh from 2000-2005. Great city, if you overlook the traffic.

    • joy says:

      We must have just missed each other. I lived there from 2005-2009.

      It’s where I got into music writing. The town has a surprisingly vibrant little indie scene. I first encountered all but a handful of my past and current favorites there: A.A. Bondy (who is probably sick of me reviewing him by now), The Black Keys (free show!), Deep Sea Diver, Menomena, Ra Ra Riot back when they were a dancey band, The Rosewood Thieves … Jeff Mangum even played in Pittsburgh, at my favorite bar, though I was not in attendance (damn it).
      Most of said shows were five or ten bucks. I got to chill with most of said bands, share smokes/drinks of appreciation, and have mini informal interviews — which is harder to do in NYC, where a handshake and Significant Nod must usually suffice.

      That’s pretty much the only thing I miss about Pittsburgh, though.

  2. joy says:

    My favorite part about this video is the little dancing French Algerian kids, who apparently have perfect rhythm and cannot stop talking about the music even after it’s ended.

    Remarks (I believe) guitarist-bassist-saxophonist Justin Harris: “That might be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.” I concur. It always makes me smile, and I’m not even that big a kid-fan.

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