Happy Mary Daly Day!

In memoriam for Mary Daly, this, the year-and-several-month* anniversary of her death, Radicalesbian and I have declared Hug-A-Lesbian Day. But only for women. Sorry, dudes!**

Other options: Kick-A-Dude-In-The-Nutsack Day. Dudes can partake of this too, simply by kicking another dude in the nutsack. Individuals are welcome to kick themselves in the nutsack, I suppose, but I’d really rather not go there.

So: in honor of Mary Daly, hug a lesbian today! Or kick a dude in the nutsack. Or both.

* I guess we should have planned this better.

* By which I mean, I’m not sorry. Not at all.


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10 Responses to Happy Mary Daly Day!

  1. veganprimate says:

    Kick a dude in the nutsack day–I like it!

    • joy says:

      Hey, VP! I’m honored to have this as the first comment on my blog, and you as my first commenter.

      You are the blogger who first prompted me to say “Hell yeah — I’m a primitivist!” Well, I mean, I mostly am. Have been for some time, though where I come from people just call it “weird hippie.”

      • veganprimate says:

        I like primitivism, and I think there’s a lot of overlap with feminism, b/c I think civilization and patriarchy are pretty much interchangeable, with patriarchy being a subcategory of civilization. Problem is, you can be a primitivist and NOT a feminist, and a lot of male primitivists are just idiots b/c they expect the same behavior from women that a regular dude does; they just want the women to do it in a loin cloth. And they usually fetishize Man the Hunter. It’s gross. Truly.

      • joy says:

        Ugh, yeah, I can imagine. (Dudes are so unoriginal.)

        I have a wee bit of experience with anarcho*-primitivism (I’ve been a ‘social dropout’, ’60s style, since I was eighteen and lived on a squat farm in the middle of Pittsburgh for a while), and it’s all the same deal there. A friend who still lives there told me the farm has started holding meetings about “genderqueer” — wtf! Some “primitivism” right there.

        Apparently most individuals on earth do need a seminar on how to deal with people who do not conform to gender norms (leaving out the ‘genderqueer’ nonsense and going straight to how the concept of gender itself is irrelevant), but ideally that would already come with the overarching concept of PRIMITIVISM.

        * Naturally, anarchists are the same too. They expect women to act in all the stereotypical ways, just wearing mohawks.

  2. FAB Libber says:

    Oh dammit, I am not the first.
    I will make sure I wear my nutsack-kicking boots.

    • joy says:

      You are close enough to the first, and I am no less honored to have you commenting on this here blog.

      Nutsack-kicking boots! Yes! Consider this the generation of a new radical-feminist meme. “Let’s wear/put on/get out our nutsack-kicking boots.”

  3. Mary Sunshine says:

    Happy to oblige, either way.

    I’d like to be a primitivist on an all-female planet, please.

  4. Justin says:

    Uhhh…Can I just high five a lesbian? I love feminism and don’t think sexual assualt of any kind is funny. So no kick to the sac.?

    • Jane W says:

      Sorry, Justin
      For one thing, you’re a man, and so you’re evil rapist scum.
      Secondly, it isn’t sexual assault to attack a man or his genitals. Men invented sexual assault to oppress women, and so everything you do to a man is morally justifiable. Including, but not limited to, murder.

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